tecci |ˈtekç| (also tekkie or tec.hy)

noun ( pl. -ies) informal

a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, esp. computing.

ORIGIN 1960s: from tech + -ie . First recorded as a U.S. slang term for a technical college student, the word was later used as British service slang, denoting a technician. Sense 1 dates from the 1980s.


The Rajiv Gandhi Saalai aka OMR is a preferred destination for the discerning IT /ITES majors. The presence of the leading Technical Institutes that Tamil Nadu is renowned for has resulted in this corridor being populated with technically qualified workforce.

The ECR, and the Velachery Tambaram road run parallel to OMR with many inter-connecting roads. The distribution of the upper and middle income homes, the continued southward shift of Chennai, and commitment from successive Governments to make this an IT hub (SIPCOT), has brought in many IT/BPO majors including TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Satyam, Wipro, Polaris.

Buhari Group a Founding Member of the IGBC, Indian Green Building Council has adopted the Green Building concepts to Office interiors, Malls, Schools and Colleges, Commercial and Office Buildings, IT Parks, Residences developed by the group companies

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Eastern Tower - Front (A) Block
  1-1-4 WARM SHELL 5,000 Sq.ft  
  1-2-1 WARM SHELL 35,000 Sq.ft  
  1-5-2 WARM SHELL-half 17,000 Sq.ft  
  1-6-1 FURNISHED-part 17,000 Sq.ft  
  1-7-1 FURNSIHED-half 17,000 Sq.ft  


Western Tower - Rear (B) Block

Non Vacant



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TECCI Park is designed and developed as a green building and has been awarded the LEED Silver Certificate for Core & Shell by the US Green Building Council USGBC. The intent of the “Green Building” concept is to Assist in the creation of high performance, healthy, Durable, affordable and environmentally sound buildings.


Technology at ECCI or EAST Coast Construction and Industries abbreviated is the TECCI Park

    office space along route 128  


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